"'Sir,' she said, 'I think you are a very bad wizard'"

"'And you,' he answered, stung, 'are only a caricature of a witch'"

For the intellectual discussion of Wicked
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This is a community intended to foster an intellectual environment where Wicked fans can discuss both the novel and the musical from a literary analysis/debate/discussion point of view. If this sounds like something you'd enjoy, this is the community for you! If you are more interested in discussing the actors, Wicked news, where to find the script/lyrics, wicked icons, and experiances at performances of the show, there are a large number of excellent communities that would most likely better fit your needs.


Nobody likes rules, but there are a few items of buisness I feel compelled to mention.

1. Be nice. It would be excellent to get some spirited, passion filled debates going in here, but please remember that everyone is entitled to their oppinions and you need to respect those oppinions whether or not you agree with them. Also, just because someone disagrees with you, that does not mean it was a personal attack on you or your ideas, so don't be oversensitive. Let's keep this intellectual and not catty.
2. Anyone who's read the novel knows that Wicked is not exactly rated pg. I certainly don't want to tell anyone that they have to gloss over the more mature themes of the book, but let's keep it relatively clean.
3. No advertising. I'm sure you have very good things to promote, but please leave this community out of it.
4. All material that might give away anything crucial or is considered a spoiler should, for common courtesy, be placed under a cut.

That's about it then. Let's make this a great community and happy posting!

-Your mod,