Callioope (fiona_chan) wrote in wickedthenovel,

Power of Language

Hello! I'm new here. I have to do an assignment for my college writing class about the power of language, and immediately I thought of the Grimmerie. There's a part of Son of a Witch (which I just finished maybe a week ago) in which Liir is reflecting on the mastery of language and how it has to do with the power of the Grimmerie... or something along those lines. At the back of SoaW there is a quote:

My mother was westerne woman
And learned in gramarye

Grammar. Gramarye. Grimmerie. Grim. What an interesting play on words...

Thoughts about the Grimmerie? What it might say about language? I'd be interested to know; this assignment triggered a sudden interest in language. I believe my friend found the Grimmerie really creepy and disturbing.
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