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Hi kids.

So. Hey. I’m Danielle. I’m new. I finished Wicked last week. I’m doing an independent reading project on it and I have a few questions.

My teacher is strange and gives us a cheesy assignment. We have to dress up as a character from our book and bring a food dish. We also have to create a ‘menu’ of the plot, delivering the events as food.

1) What kind of food should I bring? I was thinking apples or something referring to the original Wizard of Oz… I have no idea.
2) What do you think would serve as the climax? My friend Lindsey thinks that The Philosopher’s Club would be it, but I’m not sure.
3) Themes. Themes. Themes. I have no idea.

I probably sound like a total idiot for asking all of this. But I’m seriously confused.
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