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Hi kids.

So. Hey. I’m Danielle. I’m new. I finished Wicked last week. I’m doing an independent reading project on it and I have a few questions.

My teacher is strange and gives us a cheesy assignment. We have to dress up as a character from our book and bring a food dish. We also have to create a ‘menu’ of the plot, delivering the events as food.

1) What kind of food should I bring? I was thinking apples or something referring to the original Wizard of Oz… I have no idea.
2) What do you think would serve as the climax? My friend Lindsey thinks that The Philosopher’s Club would be it, but I’m not sure.
3) Themes. Themes. Themes. I have no idea.

I probably sound like a total idiot for asking all of this. But I’m seriously confused.
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I would definitely say that when she's up in her room and Dorothy melts her is the climax. That whole scene, but especially when her life flashes before her eyes.

Food? I don't know. She has a sandwich when she's at college, you know, I think Galinda blows it up and then she eats it off of herself? I'm pretty sure they say what's in it, you could make little tiny ones of those.

Themes? Jealousy, revenge, bitterness (I'm assuming these are all themes, I don't really know), love, hate, power, neglect, etc etc.
1)Maybe something green??
2)When Elphaba is in the tower with Dorothy
3)Nature of evil, politics, forgiveness and such. The nature of evil and wickedness is a big one, I think.
::snrk:: Well, the scene in the Philosopher's Club is sort of a climax. . .except we cut away too soon. (Yes my brain is in the gutter.)

As for foods, if you can figure out how to make saffron cream, that's the only thing that comes to mind.
Absolutely the climax is the Dorothy scene. It's got that whole Elphaba against the world for the last time thing going on. For food, you could serve green jello. Even cuter if you got a witch cookie cutter and made Elphaba jello jigglers :D lol Some themes could also include the ambiguity of evil, the importance and compication of friendship, government vs. religion... That sounds like a fun project. At least your teacher is creative. I haven't done a project in years that wasn't confined to a posterboard...
for me the climax is lurlinemas eve-

i think that the idea of green food is fun- use food coloring to make rice crispies green or something.

themes- the existence of evil, friendship, father-daughter relationships, appearances, the origin of good or evil, the human soul vs. the animalistic soul, etc- the book is so full of themes, it has taken me two reads to grasp a small bit of them.

good luck.


June 3 2006, 03:00:25 UTC 11 years ago

1) the food in oz is a lot like regular food, minus all the fast-food and pre-processed crap.
2) climax? it's probably Lurlinmas, when Fiyero dies. Because after that, everything unwinds.
3) the nature of evil. that's the overlying theme.
Good vs. evil is the main theme, I think--that the author tries so hard to point out no one is purely an epitome of one or the other; everyone is a mixture of both.

For food, maybe something with oil? Since that's what Elphaba always used to clean herself. I don't remember exactly what she ate there, but you could look it up and do the food that Elphaba used to eat in that little café by herself/with Fiyero.

I kind of agree on the climax being w/Dorothy in the tower. It's too big an event--too much what the entire novel was leading up to--to be considered after-climax action/falling action/denouement.
thanks, i love your username btw.