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Hey all... I am new here, but not at all to Wicked. I got the book as a gift from a family member when it first came out because I always had a weird obsession with the Wicked Witch of The West. Perhaps being born on Halloween may have sparked the flame. Anywho, I have been a fan ever since. The play is lovely, and filled with highly talented people, but the book just told a story that really captured every fiber of my imagination. Ten years later, it still does. I can tell you that after years of repeated reading, it really never gets ld. I still always feel as if it is a new story that is full of magic and wonder encompassing me and taking me on a trip to OZ. I hope to have a few good discussions on the novel with anyone interested.
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Your font is hurting my eyes so badly that I can't even read this post. I suggest you change it.
You can de-greenify it by highlighting the text as if you were going to cut and paste it. That also works when people write in yellow, light blue and other light/bright fonts.
de-greenify. hee!

thanks :)
Hehehe, I got someone to say de-greenify! *giggle*