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Novel vs. Musical

I recently got tickets to Wicked (the musical), since it's coming to Boston in April. I'm looking forward to it in general, but particularly looking forward to comparing the musical to the book. Having read the book first, I know that it'll be like reading a book before seeing the movie - it's gonna be different. I'm intrested to see if I feel differently about Elphaba and some of the other characters while watching the musical. Also, I think it'll be interesting to see enacted some of the scenes I imagined in my head as I was reading.

One thing I think will be lost in the musical is Maguire's literary talent, something that can only be appreciated through reading the novel.

(Hope this topic is acceptable for the community.)

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Ooh, you will have so much fun!! Seriously, I went into the musical wanting to pick it apart because I love the book so much, but I was just completely enchanted by the musical. Some things irked me (act 1 Fiyero omg) before and after the fact, but during seeing it? It was like being transported to another place. Most of the "that didn't happen in the book" gripes I had disappeared by the second time I saw the's really best to separate the two mediums. The musical's FUN! It changes some things but, VERY basically, it's the same story, just pared down a lot, simplified. And they REALLY make you feel for Elphaba.

And yay, tour, I saw the tour first time :D (with Eden and Kendra)
there are hardly any similarities at all. so don't go into it looking for your favorite scenes being played out, you'll just end up disappointed. i'm not saying you won't like the musical, they're just two entirely different things.
Yes, comparing the book and the musical is allowed.

My advice is just be prepared to judge them as two completely separate entities. I absolutely love both for their own good qualities. Having read the book first, however, you might find the play Elphie a little... bland, for lack of a better word, but as the first person said, the musical is fun and amazing and you will love it. Have fun :)
the musical is VERY different than the book, like completely different. i've always been severely disappointed with what they did to Fiyero in the musical, considering how layered he is in the book, he becomes very stereotypical and background-ish in the musical. Elphaba too is alot different in the musical, alot more open and girlish in the first act... I would haveta say the only character and story line that stayed the same, almost dead-on (and i am basing this on seeing Kristin Chenoweth's performance of her) is G(a)linda.

That all being said, I still LOVE the musical as much as the book, but in a totally different way. I see it in the same way that the Wizard of Oz books are totally different from the movies, it was a necessity, for dramatic reasons, for them to pump up the book for the musical, and it works.... but on the other hand, I would love to see a real literal interpration of the book made, a miniseries or something, one day, because of how layered and mysterious and metaphorical it was.