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Help on Wicked essays//Contains spoilers

We just finished studying Fantasy and Science Fiction in my Literature Types class. I read Wicked and now I've got to write a couple papers/essays. There's obviously a lot of social commentary/criticism and religious imagery going on, but I read the novel a month ago and I'm having trouble recalling specifics.

Specifically relating to social commentary:
-Politics, radicalism
-Animals vs animals, racial tension, the slight difference of pronunciation being the only distinguishing feature of the two species (at least in conversation, typically among those against the Animal rights movement)
-Madame Morrible as the carp or Carp, hypocrisy
-The exclusion and ostricization of outsiders
-Elphaba "choosing her sex" (possible castration?) and what this says about feminism and the oppression of women

Specifically relating to religion
-Are people born wicked, or is "thrust upon them"?
-Did Elphaba have a soul, what does it mean to have a soul?
-The myth about how animals became Animals and what it says about evolution, the advancement of humans, the advancements of certain groups. That probably goes under social commentary as well.
-Frex and his missionary work
-The Time Dragon Clock

Is there anything that I'm missing?
If you have any links to websites that analyze these sort of things, any theories, or any way to point me in an good direction, I'd be eternally grateful.
No, seriously. I'll give you my first born.
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