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Son of a Witch

I recently finished Son of Witch and there's some things that are making me curious.

The last line is about the baby girl was green, so is this something that only happens to the females in the family?

I'm also wondering if Gregory Maguire is going to write another book about the new green girl.
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1. I never thought of it that way. I thought of it more as proof that Elphaba was Liir's mother, since he never really knew.

2. Gregory MaGuire is currently writing The Cowardly Wars. I don't know how it's going to incorporate the previous two novels into it, however. Hopefully we find out more about Liir and the baby.
I read somewhere that he wasn't going to focus on Elphaba or Liir or the new baby in the new book, just the cowardly lion...

Blah, I'll read it, begrudgingly.

I thought it was symbolizing that yes, she was his mother, as if we didn't know or really wanted, and that she was somehow reborn.

That this new baby was like a reincarnation of Elphaba who has finally come out of hiding.
I thought it was more proof that Elphaba was Liir's mother, and the part of her that lived in him resurfaced in his child. Or it could be Elphaba resurrected, which relates to the end of Wicked with the lines: "And there the wicked old witch stayed for a good long time." "And did she ever come out?" "Not yet." I definitely thought when I read the book that the baby cleaning up green had something to do with that.