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Hello all!

Hello fellow book lovers! Im just joined this community. I have to admit was was very excited when i found it. I LOVE discussing things that happen in Wicked. I hardly ever have a chance to really analyze things with anyone. Any-who.  I bought the book because im a diehard Wizard of Oz fan, and i fell in love with it just by reading the description on the back of the book. This was like two years ago, and i have read it over seven times...I just can't get enough of it!!! I have seen the musical too, and its really hard to compare the two. Because although they both have some of the same plots and such, they really are entirely different stories, and i LOVE them both!

I thought that i would ask something that i dont think has been asked yet. If it has then its gonna get asked again;-)
Anywho. I was wondering how everyone saw G(a)linda and Elphaba's relationship. Dont  jump down my throat, But I have many reasons to beleive that they were sort of romantically involved. Not neccessarily Sexually, but romantically nontheless. It was never stated that they were more than friends in the book, but some of the things that Gregory Maguire made them say and act makes me beleive that they had something going on between them. 


  For instance, I think that the earliest hint to it was one page 78 where Galinda makes Elphaba wear the hat.

                   "Oh miss Elphaba," said Galinda, "You terrible mean thing, you're pretty!"............."Entrancing," she said, "There's some strange exotic quality of beauty about you, I never thought."

Pages 134-138  really show Glinda and how she's taking interest in Elphaba's life and wants a part in it. 

On page 162, after the funeral and talk with madam Morrible, Galinda faints:
             " Elphaba thrust out strong arms and scooped Glinda in mid-collapse. Glinda didn't really lose consciousness, but the uncomfortable physical nearness of the hawk-faced Elphaba after that undesired act of desire made her want to shiver with revoltion and purr at the same time. "Steady on, girl, not here," said Elphaba, "resiste,come one!" Resist was just what Glinda didn't want to do. But after all, in the shadow of an apple cart, on the edge of the market were merchants were selling the fish of the day,cheap,well,this was hardly the place. "Tough,tough skin," said Elphaba, appearing to oull the words form the back of her throat. "Come on Glinda-you've got better brains-come on! I love you too much, snap out of it, you idiot!"
That whole underlined part alone suggests that she didn't want to resist Elphaba. Another part, when Glinda and Elphaba are on their way to the emerald city, Pg 169:
                 They rested like other thrid class travelers, in the back rooms above inn kitchens. In a single lumpy bed,they huddles together for warmth and encouragement and, Glinda told herself, protection....Glinda would start as if from a frightful dream and, and nestle in nearer to Elphaba, who seemed at night never to sleep.
And later in that chapter after they had seent he wizard on page 178:
             "She put her face againts Glinda's and kissed her. "Hold out, if you can," she murmured, and kissed her again. "Hold out, my sweet."....Glinda craned her head to see Elphaba drift back into the was astounding how quickly she became comouflaged in the ragamuffin variety of street life in the Emerald City. Or maybe it was foolish tears blurring Glinda's vision.......The sting to Glinda was real."

And lastly, on page 344, where Glinda and Elphaba see each other for the first time since the emerald city:
                     ".........The Witch in fact alarmed her a little. It was not just the novelty of seeing her again, but the strange chraisma Elphaba possessed, which had always put glinda in the shade. Also there was the thrill, bases indeterminible, which made Glinda shy, and caused her to rush  her words , and to speak in a false high voice like an adolescent. How quickly you could be thrown back into the terrible uncertainty of your youth!
                For when she chose to remember her youth at all, she could scarecly dredge an ounce of recollection about the daring meeting with the wizard. She coulr recall more clearly how she and Elphie had shared a bed on the road to the Emerald City. How brave that had made her feel, and how vulnerable too."

I know that these passeges could be taken as "freindship" only, But to me, It looks as if Glinda had some feelings, other than friendship ,for Elphaba. She just didn't act on them fully. And Elphaba possibly felt something, but i think that it was mostly Glinda. Here i am re-evaluating my own 

But then again. These are just my opinions. Anyone have a say or want to give their opinion??


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well, i for one definitely agree with you, i think there was tons of subtext in the novel between glinda and elphaba. i'm pretty sure that gregory maguire did it intentionally, and left it up to the reader to interpret it how they chose to. he left numerous questions throughout the book unanswered, and this is one of them! but i agree with you, i saw it in the way that they had some sort of relationship that pushed the boundaries of friendship.

by the way, thanks for posting! =)
there hasn't been a post here in ages!
Yea i noticed that. I dont know why! There is sooooo much to talk about! I was expecting there to be posts out the wazoo! LOL. Anywho.You'll be seeing more of me soon!
I definitely agree with you. There was something romantic between Elphaba and Glinda though not, as you say, sexual. They had these feeling but, again as you said, they didn't act them fully.
I do think though that Elphaba loved Glinda and Fiyero equally.
I totally agree about Elphaba loving Glinda and Fiyero equally. *yay* I mean even with out the subtext...Who wouldnt love Glinda?!lol.
i think that elphaba had stronger feelings for fiyero.
i mean she loved them both, but her relationship was both romantic and sexual with fiyero where as with glinda (as you all are saying) it was simply romantic. though the two share a resemblance, there's something more to the sexual relationship with fiyero.
for instance, even after being dubbed 'wicked' she still has this strong attachment to fiyero and wants him to be alive with all her being. we don't see this sort of thing between her and glinda towards the end.
another thing is i tend to think that glinda had the more romantic feelings for elphaba. elphaba, on the other hand, has never really known what love or friendship is like and as soon as she and glinda become friends she acts fully on her interpretation of love, which is often a comforting or soothing notion. (going back to the lines on 178) the kisses goodbye are meant as a way to soothe glinda into the notion that elphaba is leaving her. whether glinda takes these as being more than that is either painfully obvious, or up to your own interpretation.
then again everything i've said is up to your own interpretation, but i just wanted to share my thoughts on the matter!
You make wonderful points!! I hadn't thought about Elphaba loving Fiyero more but she did have a more well-rounded. (romantic and sexual) relationship with Fiyero. And, of course, her devastation at his death, etc.
Also, I think Elphaba's strong attachement to Fiyero could stem, in part, to the specfic phase of her life in the Emerald City. Just that circumstances, and her life at that point (along with other factors) helped contribute to making her love affair with Fiyero important. I don't know if I'm explaining my thoughts very well. It's just I think Elphaba could of had the kind of relationship she had with Fiyero with Glinda instead. Only that never came to fruit. Due to Elphaba leaving, perhaps Glinda's shyness, Elphaba unsureness about emotions, or what have you.
Me again.
I just noticed your current music is "Rewriting History" sung by Kristin Chenoweth. Wanted to say I love that song.
Okay, I'm going now.
yes. The Cheno is teh love.<3 She has such an amazing voice......

ps: your icon made me laugh! oops indeed!haha!
Resist was just what Glinda didn't want to do.
That whole underlined part alone suggests that she didn't want to resist Elphaba.

Wow. Somehow I never got THAT from that line but now, oh, so yes. Yes yes yes!

I think my favourite line in the book is probably "how quickly you could be thrown back into the terrible uncertainty of youth" - that certainly implies that Glinda at least had some sort of feelings for Elphaba. And what does she do - ends up married to a much older man that she seems to be fond of, but not in love with, and thinking about Elphaba at every second moment.
I too agree that there seems to be a hinted at romantic relationship between Elphaba and Glinda. I think it's even hinted at in the musical. For example, the song "Loathing" Even though the two are singing about hating each other, the lyrics of the song seem to be walking that fine line. "What is this feeling so sudden and new...I felt the moment I laid eyes on you...etc" And also, Elphaba is always trying to get Glinda to come with her.

I dunno, just some thoughts :-P To tie that back into the book, I read an interview with Maguire regarding the musical, and he said that even though the musical is very different, many of those things are things he either thought about or hinted at in the book.